Unless you sold your book for an astronomical sum and your publisher is putting all hands on deck for your book’s publication, odds are you will need to supplement their efforts with some marketing tactics of your own.

There are a few areas where you can do this: over social media, through email, and by writing unique and targeted content.

However, it’s not simply enough to create a Twitter account, collect a few email addresses and write a blog post. For your marketing to be effective, you must have a cohesive strategy with actionable tactics and realistic goals.

This is where AuthorPop can help.

We will analyze your book’s positioning in the marketplace and outline a plan that targets your audience, does not waste your time with unnecessary tasks, and gives you the best chance to find new readers.

Moreover, if you are a traditionally published author, we can look at your publisher’s marketing plan and work with you and your agent to fill in the gaps and address any outstanding needs. This prevents you and your publisher from working at cross-purposes, and signals to your publisher that you are willing to support their efforts.

Do you want to grow your email newsletter list? We will create a newsletter for you, complete with custom branding, connect it to your website, and set up promotions to drive sign-ups.

Do you want to run ads on social media? We will evaluate your options—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, BookBub, Goodreads, etc.—analyze your audience, create unique ads, test them for optimal targeting, and monitor the campaign for as long as you need.

Do you want a content strategy that is SEO-driven? (This works best for non-fiction authors) We will analyze what keywords most appeal to your audience, coach you on how to craft appealing written content, create a publication schedule, and advise you on how to best disseminate your content.

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