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A professional website is the hub around which all of an author’s digital activities circulate. It is one of the first things potential readers will see when determining whether or not to buy your book. It is your opportunity to dictate how you present yourself to the world. It is your virtual business card, headshot and portfolio.

To that end, it is imperative for an author to have a professional and easily discoverable website. Even authors who do not wish to be on social media or engage with their audience must have some way for readers to find out more about them.

A new book can cost upward of $20—a large sum of money that many readers would consider a leap of faith. Authors cannot afford to risk losing that sale because a reader wanted to look them up first and couldn’t find any reliable information.

At AuthorPop, we believe in crisp, polished, minimalist websites that allow potential readers to find out all the information they need with as little hassle as possible. All of our websites are optimized for search engines and mobile devices, so you can rest assured that you will rank at the top of Google searches and that your website will render perfectly on your phone.

AuthorPop websites are custom-built to reflect the design and tone of an author’s book. When building your website, we take your taste and combine our expert knowledge of best industry practices to create the perfect package to capture your reader’s attention.

Author websites start at $995.

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