Gone are the days when self-publishing was viewed as a vanity project for authors who couldn’t sell their books. Now it is seen instead as a viable way of bringing a book to market with clear potential advantages.

As an author who decides to self-publish, you act as the publisher, taking on all roles that a traditional publisher would take on when acquiring a book’s rights and publishing it. This means designing a book cover, formatting the book for print and digital publication, sending it out to retailers, putting together a marketing plan, and more.

If you choose to forego the traditional route and self-publish your book, AuthorPop can help by taking on all these tasks and more.

We will discuss with you what goals you have for the book and put together a timeline for bringing it to market. Additionally, we will take care of all the back-end and technical work and, if desired, create a marketing plan for you as well.

Our packages start at $495.

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