Who We Are

AuthorPop was founded in 2019 by Daniel Berkowitz with one simple goal: to give authors a one-stop shop for all their digital needs.

For 99.9% of authors, it is no longer enough to simply write a book, send it off to the publisher, and sit back while the royalty checks come pouring in. Each year, more books are published than in the previous year, and the marketplace becomes increasingly more crowded.

With so many books to juggle and only so many hours in the day, it is now routine for publishers to expect authors to have a digital “platform.” They want their authors to have a centralized website, to be active on social media, and to supplement the publisher’s marketing and publicity efforts.

For many authors, though, these skills do not come naturally. Some do not feel comfortable promoting themselves so blatantly, while others may not be digitally literate enough to have the necessary confidence.

This is where AuthorPop comes in. We take away the guesswork and demystify the publishing process, allowing you to feel confident that you are supporting your publisher, putting on a professional face for the world to see, and giving your book the best chance to succeed.


About Daniel Berkowitz

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As a millennial born in the late 1980s, I grew up surrounded by personal computers, manually installing CD burners into my family's desktop tower and building websites on AOL's Personal Publisher system when I was 10. At some point, I moved more into writing, attending Vassar College and receiving a master’s from the Columbia journalism school. Yet even when I focused on my writing, I never strayed too far from the digital world.

After grad school, I drifted into book publishing, taking a job in editorial at Grand Central Publishing, an imprint of Hachette, one of the big five publishers. From there, I wrote digital content for a tech startup and managed the digital operations for a nonprofit before moving on to Digital Book World, where, as Senior Editor, I directed the website’s editorial strategy, managed all social media and email initiatives, and helped plan the annual New York conference.

From DBW, I moved on to Writers House, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious literary agencies. As Digital Director, I worked with authors at all stages of their careers to create short- and long-term strategies to sell more books, build their audience and increase discoverability.

Authors I’ve worked with have written dozens of New York Times bestsellers and either won or been nominated for numerous awards, including the National Book Award, the Pulitzer Prize, the Man Booker Prize, the PEN America Literary Award, the Brancroft Prize, the James Fenimore Cooper Prize, the Edgar Award, the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the Southern Book Prize, the Sapir Prize, the Indies Choice Book Award, the CWA Steel Dagger Award, the ITW Thriller Award and the RITA Award.

I started AuthorPop in 2019.