Here are some of the nice things people have said about us:


“Dan seamlessly transitioned and updated my old website, giving it a fresh new look and greatly enhanced ease of use (and ease of updating). He's great to work with—efficient, effective, resourceful and whip-smart. I feel lucky to have my site in his able hands!”
Megan Abbott, Edgar award-winning author of YOU WILL KNOW ME, THE FEVER and GIVE ME YOUR HAND


“When I needed a website to promote my comedy tour, I was referred to Dan. And I'm glad I was. He built a sleek website that could easily let my fans know when I was doing shows near them. On top of that, he's provided outstanding service since he got the site up, as he regularly updates the site for me with new tour dates. I could not recommend working with him enough.”
Jeremy Piven, Comedian and three-time Emmy award-winning actor


“AuthorPop is a lifesaver for any author who wants a beautiful website that really showcases their books and reaches the audience they hope to reach. Dan listened closely to make sure that I got exactly the site I had envisioned. As important, he is amazingly responsive and handles the behind the scenes of keeping the site updated, as well as running smoothly, at all times.”
Heather Ann Thompson, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of BLOOD IN THE WATER


“Dan did the heavy lifting on the digital marketing of my novel The Great Eastern, placing ads on Instagram, Facebook, and BookBub. Every choice he made was toward the end of making the very best use of a limited advertising budget. He was informed, efficient, deeply knowledgeable, tactically savvy, and a real pleasure to work with.”
Howard A. Rodman, author of THE GREAT EASTERN


“Writers’ websites are deceptively hard to get right. Dan set up mine beautifully, after an easy back-and-forth which generated that sweet balance among functional, stylish and my insistent ‘can we please have several bells and maybe one whistle?’ His use, for instance, of my memoir’s iconography is both clever and streamlined. I have never blurbed a website designer before, so in terms I’m more comfortable with, ‘his work is luminous and breathtaking, the bastard child of Milton Glaser and Saul Bass.’ Full recommend, starred review.”


“Dan did an incredible job building my website. He worked quickly and efficiently to come up with a final product that perfectly matched my vision. He was responsive, adaptable to feedback, and included my interests and needs in all aspects of the website-building process. I would highly recommend working with him.”
Mandy Berman, author of PERENNIALS and THE LEARNING CURVE


“Dan transformed my doddering old site into a sparkling new phone-adaptable marketing tool. My publisher was as impressed as I was. Now Dan's doing the week-by-week management and updating—and, in the process, saving me untold hours of labor. I recommend him highly.”
Louis Bayard, author of COURTING MR. LINCOLN


“Dan’s sense of humor is the same as his work ethic - solacing, in the Old French, ‘sunlit’ associations of the word. As a writer I was terrified, anxious, overwhelmed - Dan is the opposite; he is strategic. We worked for months on the planning and execution of an advertising campaign, again, without any anxiety. His approach is thoughtful, logical…bright!”
Joshua Kent Bookman, author of CLOSE TO ELSEWHERE


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Dan on my website. He designed, built and managed the site with incredible efficiency and thoroughness, and I found his advice, creativity and insight on all things digital to be hugely valuable. Fast, obliging and professional, I cannot recommend Dan highly enough.”
Michelle Sacks, author of YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS and ALL THE LOST THINGS


“Prior to designing my site, Dan spent time talking with me about my social media presence, how I planned to connect with readers and my aesthetic sensibility. The site he created was beyond my expectations. Not only is it attractive — matching the style I’d imagined — but it’s intuitive, leading visitors to learn about me and my book. Dan is responsive and skilled, but just as important — he understands the publishing industry and the process of launching a book. I couldn’t have asked for a better professional to guide me through this process.”
Laura Sibson, author of THE ART OF BREAKING THINGS


“I've worked with several website designers. Dan is the best. He's great to work with—creative, well informed, and responsive. Not only does he translate my ideas about the site into reality, he improves upon them and makes them look beautiful and function well on multiple devices and browsers.”
Barry Glassner, author of THE CULTURE OF FEAR and THE GOSPEL OF FOOD


“AuthorPop has done a wonderful job streamlining several of my websites into a beautiful, easily navigable one. Dan, owner of AuthorPop, took a complicated mess of half a dozen websites and created one beautiful author platform. AuthorPop delivered on what it promised: a great platform for my work. Smart, intelligent, well designed and tailored to my needs, AuthorPop delivered on all counts.”
Mir Bahmanyar, author of RUN TO THE SOUND OF THE GUNS


“Dan was the perfect guide for me in putting together my website. I had no idea what I was doing or what I really wanted, and he let me know what the possibilities were. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the technology, and he kept me from doing several things wrong. He also steered me with good advice to create a professional and appealing website that set the right tone for the kind of work I do. He’s been terrific with follow up later, and he’s great to work with.”
Henry Ferris, freelance editor


“Dan is a friendly and informative digital sherpa for authors. He patiently walked me through options and provided clear and insightful ways I could manage my website. He has a great eye for how to make a sleek-looking site that’s very efficient and easy to manage. Many thanks to Dan for all of his guidance!”
Rory Kress, author of THE DOGGIE IN THE WINDOW


“Dan made the process of designing my website a breeze. He introduced himself with a quick overview of what he thinks an author website should accomplish, and shared several examples for me to go through before deciding how I wanted my own site to look and feel. Once the build was underway, Dan worked quickly, and patiently made (and un-made) all the tweaks I requested. He also helped to set up my social banner to match my website’s aesthetic. He was pleasant and professional all along.”
Kelsey Rae Dimberg, author of GIRL IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR


“Dan designed what really amounted to the perfect website for my book. His familiarity with the genre meant that he nailed it without me having to have much of an idea of what I wanted. Highly, highly recommend.”
Darcy Lockman, author of ALL THE RAGE and BROOKLYN ZOO


“Dan is responsive and has great insight to share. Initially, he consulted with me and laid out my author website options plainly, providing me comparable examples so I knew what to expect from each. We weighed pros and cons given the particulars of my situation, and once he’d built the site, Dan remained in close contact until we hammered out each detail. I feel very confident that his experience with authors will be invaluable as my career evolves and the needs of my website change. I highly recommend him!”
Cameron Kelly Rosenblum, author of THE STEPPING OFF PLACE


“When Roses and Radicals: The Epic Story of How American Women Won the Right to Vote came out, I needed a website. Dan understood the look, feel and subject matter of the book and translated it into a graphically attractive, easy to navigate website. He was a pleasure to work with.”
Susan Zimet, author of ROSES AND RADICALS